Seagulls plaguing town by stealing food and squawking so people cant use phones

A UK seaside is being plagued by “vicious” seagulls who are attacking tourists to steal food.

The “nuisance” pests plaguing Lowestoft, East Suffolk also squawk so loudly that people can’t talk on the phone over the deafening sound.

The gulls are known for swooping down and nicking seaside favourites including ice creams and chips from unsuspecting beachgoers.

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The bird invasion worsened after East Suffolk County Council set up “bird hotels” earlier this year – leading to 430 pairs on nests around the port.

Ashley Catchpole works in the area as a beach cleaner and claims that the birds can be “quite horrible” when they go for food.

The 24-year-old said: "They're cute in some ways – but when they go after food they really are vicious and quite horrible.

"They're very determined once they see food. The trouble is that some people feed them which makes it worse.

"When I sit down to eat my lunch they come really close and touch me.

''I don't hit them I just tell them to go away and sometimes have to swing my hand down.

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"Even then sometimes they don't clear off and I have to hide my food.

"They're very loud as well. Sometimes you can be on the phone and you can't hear anything because the seagulls interrupt you.''

Another beach cleaner, identified as Adam, claimed that the public should be fine if they feed the gulls.

He said: "They should be looking for their own food out at sea not eating chips and ice cream. It's not good for their health.

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"It's not just holidaymakers that feed them, it's some locals as well. It means they keep coming back for more which makes the problem worse.

"I think that if someone feeds the seagulls they should get fined. That might help the problem."

Sam Faulkner from Hertfordshire visited the area last week and claims his son was targeted by the gulls on day one of their holiday.

The 35-year-old said: "I bought my son an ice cream and a seagull tried to swoop in and take it from my son's hand.

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"It flew away once I shouted but it kind of hovered near his head trying to get it.

"I can see why people don't like them. I can imagine when it's busy they'd be a problem.

"The woman working at the ice cream stand said that they're a nuisance as they're opportunists and hover around the food shops.

"There should probably be a sign telling people to watch out for them."

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