Serial killer Joanna Dennehy told her lover shes a fully committed psychopath

Vile serial killer Joanna Dennehy wrote letters to her former jailbird girlfriend that she has "a fully committed psychopath."

Dennehy, who killed three men in a shocking murder spree across Cambridgeshire in 2013, started a relationship with fellow con Hayley Palmer inside jail, and the pair even planned to get married.

Palmer, 39, revealed how Dennehy, who is serving a whole life tariff for killing the three men, has no remorse for her crimes.

She told the Sun on Sunday: “She laughed at the situation and had no regrets at all.”

Palmer also gave a chilling confession of their twisted love in a letter sent when the pair were both at HMP Bronzefield, in Surrey.

Dennehy is one of only three women to be handed a full-life tariff in British history alongside Rose West and Moors murderer Myra Hindley.

In March 2013 the Peterborough mum-of-two lured a Polish man, Lukasz Slaboszewski, 31, to a property by promising him sex, and then stabbed him through the heart. She put his body in a wheelie bin and dumped it in a ditch.

A few days later she knifed her housemate, Falklands veteran John Chapman, 56, to death in the neck with a pocket knife. Soon after her lover – property developer and landlord Kevin Lee – was also butchered. He was knifed in the back.

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In one letter, according to the aforementioned title, Dennehy wrote: “To me you will never be anything other than real, the first person to creep under my skin.

"You have a fully committed psychopath.

“Together we will travel a path so beautifully dark, so mentally and physically dangerous we will cease to know where I begin and you end.”

Dennehy stopped calling Palmer two months ago, and they have now split, the latter said.

Palmer added: “She would have carried on if she wasn’t stopped.”

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In 2018, Dennehy was believed to have slit her throat in a bid to kill herself after apparently making a suicide pact with her jail girlfriend.

A source said: “When the guards found them they were entwined on the floor, which was covered in blood.

“They think they need splitting up now to make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

The couple were reportedly rushed to hospital and returned to the Surrey prison. Dennehy was later transferred to a different jail.

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