Serial killer Peter Tobins neighbour claims to know where could have hid dead

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    The former neighbour of serial killer Peter Tobin reckons she knows where he hid the bodies of his victims.

    She has recalled the 76-year-old, who died in October this year, pushing a wheelbarrow full of ‘waste’ with a tarpaulin over it.

    Speaking to the Daily Record, the unnamed female neighbour said: “I thought Peter Tobin was creepy, a weirdo.

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    "He was always out late, often at about 11.30pm. We’d hear him before we’d see him – the haunting squeal of his wobbling wheelbarrow and shuffling steps along the alleyway."

    He allegedly took his waste to a cabbage field or garage nearby – the neighbour reckons these spots could have human remains there and the police have since been told as such.

    “There was an alley that led from his back garden, via a gate, to empty garages. It was just a few minutes’ walk but you could see Tobin struggled with the weight of the wheelbarrow at times.

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    “We sometimes saw him tipping the contents of his wheelbarrow into a cabbage field but one night when a friend and I were out walking the dogs, we saw him close to the derelict garages.

    “He was hunched over his wheelbarrow, meticulously tucking the tarpaulin around his load.”

    She said the dogs went ‘crazy’ as they got closer to Tobin – when asked by the pal what they were doing, the he said he was disposing of mud.

    He killed two of his victims, Vicky Hamilton, 15, and Dinah McNicol, 18, in 1991.

    He buried them in his garden, telling neighbours he was sprucing up his home in Irvine Drive, Margate, with a swimming pool.

    The deranged killer was handed a life sentence for his crimes, living out his days at HMP Edinburgh.

    He was convicted and caged for life for killing three young women, eventually dying of cancer.

    Despite being snared for killing the trio, it thought the extent of his crimes went further, with other crimes populating his rap sheet.

    “When those two girls were found in his garden, I couldn’t believe it – I’d heard him digging that grave,” the neighbour continued.

    “I’d seen him digging elsewhere on the estate and thought, ‘Oh my God, I lived a stone’s throw away from a serial killer.’

    “There was a lot of speculation about other young women missing. I was worried he had killed other girls and buried them in the area.”

    The Daily Star has contacted Essex Police and Kent Police for comment.

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