Sex-mad couple fined after being caught on CCTV romping at 24-hour launderette

A very horny couple were unable to keep their hands off each other while washing their clothes, after being caught on CCTV having sex in a public laundrette.

The pair were spotted at the 24-hour Dr Tiger Laundry business in, Nong Chok, Bangkok, Thailand on several occasions.

The owner of the company was shocked and angry to find that a couple had been having it off inside his shop.

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Jakkapong Chookhanthong, 33, reported them – and the footage – but claims that the police refused to do anything, so he decided to release the footage to the public instead.

The first lewd act happened in September, which landed the boss with a pile of complaints from university students leaving in the area.

Local media describes the pair as “going at it like rabbits”.

The strange romp started when the bloke involved got out of a white car at the front of the shop fully naked and approached the woman who decided to get on her knees and pleasure him.

They then fled through the back, came round the front, and got back into the car when the students spotted them.

And then, around a month later, the returned at 2am and entered the shop without any pants on.

But the woman suddenly realised she was on CCTV and asked the bloke to stop – he didn't, so she carried on until they decided to leave, get in the car, and carry on having sex.

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The pair were eventually found by Nong Chok Police and fined around £116 each.

Superintendent Prasert Sornjam said that they were forced to react when the sex video went viral.

The pair turned out to be delivery workers, and were apparently “so turned on by their work” that they decided to stop mid-shift for a romp.

The couple were punished under Section 388 of the Thailand criminal law, which sees them found guilty of performing a disgraceful act in public by undressing or committing any obscene acts in public.

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