Sharpshooting Danish sniper claims he has taken out 100 Russians in Ukraine war

A Danish sniper, volunteering in Ukraine to fight the Russian invasion has claimed to have taken out around 100 enemy fighters.

Known only as Jonas, the sniper was trained in the Danish armed forces and claims to have fought across the world.

Danish news channel TV 2 claimed that they were able to verify the man's identity when he spoke to them.

Translated into broken English, he said: “The port city (Mariupol) has received worldwide attention in the past month due to the siege of the Russian military and countless bombings, which have triggered a humanitarian catastrophe in the city, where thousands of civilians are feared killed.

“The Ukrainians with Western aid are giving far greater resistance than expected, and the reports are that Russia is suffering heavy losses in Ukraine.

“The truth is that we fight for every inch – the truth is, it costs blood, it costs lives.

“But it is God help me the Russians who spill the most blood in this.

“I did what I could, let's put it this way.”

While unconfirmed, he claims that the number of those he has taken out personally is “at the good end of the double-digits”.

He did clarify that he had not killed any Russian's captured by Ukraine, just ones in the heat of war.

Jonas added: “These are people who do not bother to fight and can not see what the hell they are doing here

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“There are corpses everywhere down there (Mariupol).

“I personally think I'm good at keeping the emotions out of this, but we got stories about people eating their pets to survive, and that touched me.

“When I was leaving, I told my father, and he was so happy to hear it, because he had been sitting and crying when he saw the TV newspaper.

“So there was not a single moment where he said he did not think I should do it.”

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