Shoe fetishist who tied up mum with stockings and killed her has parole hearing

A shoe fetish freak who tied up a mum with stockings and then killed her had a parole plea over his potential release rejected.

Killer Christopher Farrow tied up receptionist Wendy Speakes, 51, with a pair of her own stockings before raping her and stabbing her to death.

His sick crime was carried out on March 15, 1994, when he was aged 33, and a six-year manhunt for the shoe sadist soon followed before his arrest.

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Farrow was subsequently sentenced to life in prison with a minimum term of 18 years, and his latest parole hearing has just concluded, following on from two previous rejected appeals.

It comes five years after Farrow was moved to an open prison, though he was moved back to the closed conditions soon after for undisclosed reasons.

The Parole Board has since announced they are rejecting Farrow's recent freedom bid, as well as his appeal to be moved to an open prison.

Basing their decision on Farrow's prison files, it would appear the board were unconvinced by the shoe fetishist, whose "risk factors" were still in mind, Daily Mail reported.

A summary from the three-person panel read: "At this stage, no key report writer could support Mr Farrow's release on parole licence. He had been assessed to have outstanding treatment needs and these were to be addressed through further interventions.

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"The panel examined the release plan provided by Mr Farrow's probation officer and weighed its proposals against assessed risks. The panel concluded that this plan would need to be reassessed after Mr Farrow's outstanding treatment needs had been addressed."

Summarising his horrid past, the board continued: "At the time of his offending, these risk factors had included Mr Farrow's sexual interests, his attitudes concerning women, and problems in his relationships."

Farrow, now 61, was said to have taken "accredited programmes to address sex offending" and there were "no concerns" about his in-prison behaviour upon his return to a closed unit.

Tracey Speakes, the victim's daughter, said she believes Farrow is still a "dangerous, dangerous man" who has "shown no remorse" for the disgusting murder.

Wendy had been forced upstairs, gagged and bound by a pair of black stockings and was stabbed nine times in the back and shoulders, as well as twice in the neck, by Farrow.

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