Sick plot to spook Kings horses with rape alarms at Coronation, say sources

King Charles' Coronation could be thrown into chaos by protesters throwing rape alarms at horses in the procession, according to senior security sources.

Protesters are said to be plotting to sabotage the Coronation and there are worries the threat, if it unfolds, could see serious injuries if horses are spooked and run into big crowds of royal fanatics.

It's been reported that Just Stop Oil protesters could join forces with other activists to try and create as much disruption as possible.

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The Mail reports that Republic – an anti-monarchy group – has asked its thousands of followers to help protest at the Coronation on May 6.

Just Stop Oil protested at the World Snooker Championship last week and it is previously suggested the Coronation could be the "final boss level" for its demonstrations.

But senior security sources have said the plan to use rape alarms could see serious chaos unfold if the King's processing horses are spooked by the noise – with the possibility of them bolting into crowds and causing injuries or even death.

The rape alarm plot has been described as "nothing short of terrorism" by former Grenadier Guardsman Julian Perreira, who said: "If a cavalryman – with the full weight of his gleaming ceremonial breast-plate and helmet – was thrown from his terrified horse, he could easily be killed.

"And just imagine the horrifying consequences of several 1,500lb horses bolting into a packed crowd of spectators.

"Dozens of members of the public, including children, could end up dead or seriously injured."

Charlie Lane, former commanding officer of The King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery, said: "If rape alarms went off some horses will react more violently than others.

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"I would be distinctly uncomfortable about it. There is a risk that individual riders are going to fall off, there is a risk horses are going to be injured."

Equine behaviour expert Dr Debbie Marsden added: "If a horse spooks, they all have their own way of reacting to it. They are likely to throw their heads up and/or leap to the side away from the object.

"If one horse reacts, it can cause a bit of a chain reaction. It could lead to an accident."

Scotland Yard said it will crack down on protesters who try to disrupt the Coronation.

Chief Sir Mark Rowley told the London Assembly’s Police and Crime Committee in January: "We will do everything we can to make the coronation the special moment it ought to be."

However, Just Stop Oil have declared they "won't stop until we win".

Spokeswoman Phoebe Plummer said during a Zoom call with fellow activists last Wednesday: "We know the rapid social change must come from civil resistance… history has proved [it] effective time and time again."

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