Sickening moment teenager ‘drowns three kittens’ as friend begs her to stop

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A cruel teenager has filmed herself appearing to drown three helpless kittens, before posting the vile footage to Snapchat.

The horrific video was taken in Bundaberg, Queensland, with the caption “drowning kittens”.

It begins with the woman holding down one of the kittens in the water with her hand, while a pink towel covers the other two felines.

Another clip then shows the three tiny cats writhing in the water before the woman again places her hand over them and starts pushing them down.

A screenshot of a friend trying to convince the woman not to commit the despicable act was also shared to social media.

The woman says she wanted to kill them “while they’re young”, while her pal begged her to hand them over to the RSPCA instead.

“Or just sell them, give them away,” she said. “Please, people on Facebook would have wanted them.”

But the teen responded by saying they “won’t be able to live for six weeks without their mum”.

“You can’t even get rid of a cat until six weeks old,” she continued.

Another social media post seemed to show the woman owning up to the act, saying: “Yes, I killed them, why? Who gives a f***?”

RSPCA spokesman Michael Beatty confirmed they were aware of the incident and urged people to contact them immediately if they witnessed the animal cruelty.

A Queensland Police spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia a 17-year-old girl from Millbank was charged for breaching the duty of care of animals by failing to provide under the Animal Care and Protection Act.

Police said she will be dealt with under the Youth Justice Act, police said.

Daily Star Online has contacted RSPCA Australia for comment.

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