Sisters filmed twerking on dads grave after he died defending Ukraine face jail

Two sisters are facing jail time after sharing a shocking video of themselves twerking on their dad's grave after he was killed in the Russia-Ukraine War.

The shocking video shows the moment the two girls were seen dancing and twerking by the graves of fallen soldiers – one of whom was their father, who was killed defending Ukraine against Vladimir Putin’s forces.

The footage, which was captured using a mobile phone, shows the two young sisters were seen dressed in black crop tops and skin-tight shorts while doing a dance while standing between soldiers' graves.

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The burial site was adorned with flowers and the Ukrainian flag as one of the girls was seen putting the phone down to record and then began swaying with her arms in the air.

Her sister, who appears to be talking on her phone, then joins and is seen twerking at their own father's graveside at Forest Cemetery in Kyiv, on August 24.

Their father was reportedly a soldier of the 95th Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine who was killed near Izium, in the eastern Donetsk region while defending his country from Russia.

The video sparked outrage online – but initially, the pair defended their actions claiming their father would have found it funny.

But when the mounting backlash only grew, the sisters admitted they were wrong and that it was inappropriate.

"My sister and I apologise. We honour every fallen soldier for our homeland," one of the sisters said.

"We visited the grave of our fallen father, who died near Izium. Unfortunately, it was not very correct to post this kind of video, although we did not intend to defame heroes.

"Our behaviour was connected to our understanding of our late father's perspective on burial customs, so we didn't see anything wrong at the time, but now we regret it."

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However, the footage had already reached local law enforcement and the pair were detained.

Police have now confirmed that the two unnamed girls will be charged with desecrating a grave and could face up to five years in prison.

The investigation is ongoing.

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