Snow forecast: Exact locations UK will see white Christmas this year – full timings

BBC Weather forecasts low temperatures with snow in Scotland

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A white Christmas is an often rare sight, with only a few reported in the UK’s lower-lying areas since records began. The Met Office sets a low bar for the phenomenon, as all it requires is for one person to observe a snowflake at one of six locations during the 24 hours of December 25. Weather charts show this is a real possibility in 2021, but primarily for Britons living further north.

The coming weekend and following week will see a scattering of snow spread from Scotland further south.

Most of the nation will have woken up to a light covering this morning, around 1cm widely, according to WXCharts.

Higher ground areas, such as the mountains, will see these totals rise to 10 to 15cm.

A late-night Christmas Eve flurry is on track to move some of that snow further south into the northeast.

Two snow showers – one at 6pm and another at 9pm – will deposit a light scattering on the Scottish border.

By 12am on Christmas Day, the weather maps show 1cm to 2cm settled in a broad patch near Dumfries.

The North Pennines AONB nature preserve will see similar totals in the wee hours, bolstered by another shower in the early afternoon.

Around 12pm, a separate system will expand coverage southwards and cover the Northumberland National Park and its neighbouring Keilder Forest Park.

The same shower should see people living in and around the Lake District National Park catch a glimpse of snow.

Later in the afternoon, around 3pm, snow will spread its farthest south for the day, around Manchester.

As with the day’s previous showers, weather charts show it will primarily settle on higher ground at the Peak District National Park.

The rest of the country, according to the same maps, will have to endure a drizzly Christmas weekend.

WXCharts shows a band of rain will start travelling through the country during Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

The gloomier outlook will dominate in the south, the Met Office states, until the New Year.

Long-range forecasts from the agency currently show an “unsettled” future for several regions as January approaches.

From December 28, systems will continue to deposit “mild, unsettled weather” with “rain and occasional strong winds” to boot.

Most areas will experience “very mild” temperatures “in time”, with some added possibility of snow.

Forecasters said “significant weather with snow” could accompany traditional “wintry hazards”.

The north will remain chilly, with conditions ripe for “frost or ice”.

While the forecast beyond January 6 is less clear, Met Office staff believe temperatures will stay “colder than average”.

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