‘Something terrible will happen!’ China’s dangerous intercepts risk US military conflict

China engaging in 'dangerous intercepts' warns expert

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China’s “dangerous and risky” behaviour intercepting the USA’ Navy and Airforce could spark disaster according to an expert. Political commentator and author Gordon Chang warned something terrible could occur between the US and China. During an interview with Express.co.uk, Mr Chang insisted the law averages would suggest an incident will eventually occur.

He warned the international community must do more to quell China’s aggression and behaviour in international airspace and water.

Mr Chang said: “China’s troops are actually in Indian controlled area Ladakh in the Himalayas.

“They have been there since May of last year and there is continuous skirmishing.

“We know what that looks like but clearly that sets a pattern for what China could do elsewhere.”

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Mr Chang highlighted how other nations, who have an interest in China’s aggression, could behave in the future.

He continued: “The other thing that is of concern for the international community is that in international water and airspace China is engaging in increasingly dangerous intercepts.

“Intercepts of the US Navy and US Airforce and one of those incidents could go wrong.

“Indeed, the law of averages says that something will happen and it will be terrible.”

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Tensions in the South China Sea continue to escalate between China and Taiwan.

While the US remains an ally of Taiwan, it has not yet explicitly said how it would retaliate if all-out war broke out.

China has challenged the US through its state-owned newspaper The Global Times on the issue.

An opinion piece from the newspaper insisted the US would lose any fight over Taiwan.

The piece, written by Franz Gayl said: “Considering the congestion of hostile forces in, above, and below the Taiwan Straits and South China Sea, conflict could explode by accident or design.

“Once blood is drawn, the US will have few options. If the US elects to fight China over the island of Taiwan, then it will lose.”

China’s Communist Party has previously threatened to take Taiwan by force if diplomatic efforts do not succeed.

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