Startled binman films gigantic super rat the size of cat in UK city

A rat "the size of a cat" has been spotted by cleaning workers who were left stumped by the empty bins that housed the beast.

Workers in Possilpark, Glasgow, took a video this weekend to show off the massive creatures, one of three terrifying videos which show the beasts in their bin residence.

The city has a concerning growth in rat troubles too, with the three videos showing the sheer size of the huge beasts, GlasgowLive reported.

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Some are even reporting the massive rats the size of cats are venturing down children's slides and enjoying the high life of the Scottish city.

Glasgow City Council has since revealed people should not feed the beasts and instead dispose of their waste correctly and in a food bin.

Members of Glasgow's cleaning workforce finest took videos of the pesky vermin and are now working hard to fight off cleaning conditions which they describe as unacceptable.

One member of staff who did not wish to be named is worried about the potential spread of disease with workers now terrified at the potential of bringing diseases home to their loved ones.

He said: “Working in the Possil area we have seen a huge increase in rats over the years and more so in the last year the number of rat sightings are picking up.

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"There are rats running out the bottom of bins, bags lying at the side [of the pavement] who knows what is in them.

"Rats carry disease so how can the council expect us to go and work in an environment like that. You could take a disease back to your family and it is just not acceptable anymore and we can’t accept it."

A council spokesperson is now calling on members of the public to report any sightings they may see.

They said: "Rats are always searching for sources of food. Disposing of food waste in a bin is the best way of deterring rats at specific locations."

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