Storm Barra Wales: Severe 70mph gales to batter nation TODAY – Met Office issues warning

Storm Barra: Met Office forecast blustery showers

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The Met Office has issued a number of weather warnings for Tuesday and Wednesday, four of which involve Wales. “Severe” weather conditions are expected to bring disruption for travel and power cuts.

Wales is has been issued two wind warnings for today, Tuesday, one of them covering the entirety of the country.

The “yellow” warnings mean Wales, along with other areas of the UK, will likely experience “high winds” of up to 50mph inland.

Long spells of rain are also expected to hit.

In coastal areas, the weather could be even more extreme.

The Met Office warns gusts of up to 70mph could be experienced along exposed costal areas, as well as large waves that could cause danger to life and some “coastal impacts”.

Other disruption could include the cutting out of key services including mobile phone coverage and some damage to buildings.

Northern parts of Wales are also included in a yellow ice warning.

The Met Office warns that injuries will be more likely to occur due to the development of ice in some places.

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The ice warning ends at 9am today, though both wind warnings will expire at midnight.

The Met Office has advised that people take extra care and allow time for delays when travelling, and that people are mindful about the potential of falling roof tiles and other debris.

Current warnings suggest that Wednesday will be more peaceful in Wales, but there are still some issues to be wary of.

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A yellow wind warning has been issued for the south-west, covering southern areas of Wales.

The Met Office said strong winds will continue to cause potential disruption to travel until 6pm on Wednesday.

These could hit up to 50mph inland and up to 65mph in exposed coastal areas.

Loss of power and other services will again be possible and people have been advised to allow for delays when travelling.

There are currently no weather warnings set for the rest of the week, though this could change.

This comes after Storm Arwen battered the UK, causing major disruption in all countries, including many power cuts, and resulting in three people being killed by falling trees.

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