Storm Dudley kills 13 dogs as strong winds bring live cables down on kennels

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Storm Dudley has left over a dozen dogs electrocuted to death after a devastating tree fall.

The 13 dogs at Cuckavalda Gundogs, near Ampleforth, North Yorkshire met a tragic end at around 4pm on Wednesday when a powerline of 11,000 volts crashed down on their kennels.

Cuckavada Gundogs pride themselves on breeding "easy-to-train labradors and cocker spaniels" and the family run centre has paid tribute to each life lost on Facebook.

Northern Powergrid has launched an investigation into the pets deaths.

A spokesperson for Cuckavalda Gundogs said: "Jack, Anna and Tom would like to thank everyone who have shown their concern and given help and to Grace Lane Vets for coming out."

Writing on social media, they added: "There will not be a #FridayFavourite this week as we remember Cockers: Troy, Olive Labradors: Guy, Goldie, Port, Dill, Dora, Rick, Cora, Polly, Tilly, Ivy, Rose.

"RIP you beautiful creatures – all taken far too young – Aged between 7 months and 6 years".

Followers responded to share their sympathy for owners Jack and Anna Peckitt.

One person commented: "OMG.. how very sad.. God bless all of those lovely dogs that lost their lives… xxxx"

Another wrote: "What absolutely devastating news. I'm so sorry for your losses. May all those lovely dogs rest in peace"

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A Northern Powergrid spokesperson said: "Storm Dudley caused a tree on a customer's land to fall and bring down a section of overhead power line onto kennels which were situated directly under the section of electricity network.

"Sadly, a number of dogs in the kennel were electrocuted. As soon as we were alerted, we isolated supplies in the YO61 and 62 areas, causing a power cut for around 680 customers. Our contact centre advisor also provided immediate safety advice to the customer to stay clear of the area and metal kennel."

Storm Dudley has wreaked havoc across the UK and left thousands of people without power — but the incoming Storm Eunice could be even worse with snow expected.

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