Summer-type weather to finally hit Britain as several-day scorcher forecast

"Summer-type" weather is set to finally hit Britain as a several-day scorcher is forecast.

Weather maps suggest that temperatures in the UK will reach as high as 28C next week.

According to the Met Office high pressure over Britain will begin to edge towards Scandinavia, while low pressure will move in from the west.

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The forecaster said: "With this we will see a southerly airflow. There will be a lot of dry weather, particularly towards the east.

"There will be potentially some south-western showers, but warmer weather would be carried up from the south.”

It added that throughout August, we can expect a "very different look" to the weather Brits faced in July and we will see "summer-type" weather.

The mercury will peak at 28C on August 21 in Birmingham and the West Midlands, while northern England can expect to see highs of 26C.

Some parts will see these temperatures in the 20Cs linger for a number of days, according to weather maps.

Jim Dale, a senior meteorologist at the British Weather Services, suggests that despite the upcoming heat, the conditions will remain quite unsettled for Britain.

He told the Daily Express: "I do expect the UK to check in and out of very warm/hot weather and something much cooler between now and the end of the month, so it’s a case of timing and planning, with the southeast of England tending to hog the best of what’s to come."

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