Sunbed addict claims hubby saved her life after spotting deadly cancer mole

A sunbed addict has credited her husband with saving her life after he pointed out a mole on her leg, which turned out to be melanoma.

Emma Buchan, 34, started using sunbeds at the age of 18 and would use them five times a week for up to 12 minutes per session.

She said her husband, Craig Buchan, noticed a lumpy mole on her thigh when she was 24 and "constantly nagged" her to get it checked out, but she was in “total denial”.

The mum-of-one said Craig booked her an appointment in February 2018 and despite the doctor saying it looked "suspicious" she still believed it was "nothing" and went on the beds immediately after.

But the HR manager was in "total shock" when she was eventually diagnosed with Stage 1A melanoma.

Emma from Edinburgh said: "My husband saved my life. Even right now if it wasn't for him, I still wouldn't have made an appointment. I think I would have just been in total denial.

"He always complained that I needed to get it checked because he thought that it was growing and getting quite lumpy but obviously, I didn't think anything of it."

Emma said that when she first noticed the mole it was just the average freckle size and smaller than a 5p coin.

However, its appearance changed and it became lumpy and by the time she went to the doctors just before her 30th birthday, it was "huge" and oddly shaped around the size of a 20p coin.

She got a call from the doctors to go and remove the lump "right away" and a week later received another call asking her to come to the hospital to get her results.

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Emma said: "That's when they told us it was cancer and my mum and husband were in complete shock. I don't think anybody expected it to be that diagnosis.

"At the time I was just petrified for my daughter. I don't actually remember the conversation. All I heard was the word 'cancer' and then I just thought 'my daughter. She's not going to have a mum. What have I done?'

"The guilt and how selfish I felt for using tanning beds and sunbathing with no protection and things. I was just in total shock.”

She had a deeper incision to remove cancerous tissue surrounding the mole and is now checked annually.

Emma said she checks her body daily for suspicious moles while Craig checks areas she can't see herself, and she now uses a special sun cream with a higher factor than sold in shops.

She said: "I will never use sunbeds again. It's not worth it. There are comments on my post where people are like 'well, I'll die with a good tan' and it's that mentality of thinking that it won't happen to you.

"Having my daughter and my diagnosis really changed my mindset in terms of looking after myself and what is beautiful. Having a tan is not beautiful."

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