Surfers foot almost ripped off by shark who bit down and spat him back out

A surfer has opened up about the petrifying moment a shark nearly bit off his foot – but he's adamant he's not scared of the sea predators.

Jeremy Carr says he'll head back into the water after the terrifying attack which left nothing to hold his foot together except for 'some bones'.

The 41-year-old was hitting the waves when the predator clamped down on the bottom of his limb and he only realised the gravity of the injury when he managed to get out of the water.

The aquarium engineer had woken up before sunrise to enjoy the beach on the day he was attacked at sea.

When he scrambled to the safety of the sands he saw his foot had been shredded by the bit.

It's believed a bull shark was responsible for the horror injuries.

Photos from his hospital bed show his foot sliced from the jaws of the shark.

Bull sharks are said to be one of the deadliest species of the sea creatures, and there have been reports of the animal showing aggression towards swimmers in shallow warm waters.

The surfer said he felt the bite but thought it was a small fish.

He told The Sun: “I hopped off my board and pulled myself back on, and the shark came up and just bit my left foot, and then spat me back out.

“The teeth were so sharp that when it bit, it almost felt like a fish had bit me because there was big pressure on both sides of my feet."

He added he started to paddle away and asked a fellow surfer how his foot was doing but was met with a blank look and assumed it meant he was fine.

It was only when he made it back to shore did he find out how bad the attack had been.

Despite his ordeal, Jeremy is determined to return to the waves and says there are no bad feelings towards sharks.

He said: “When I got into the shore to take my first step – thinking nothing was really wrong – there was nothing holding my foot together except some bones, and I just collapsed to the ground and started crawling towards the parking lot.

Paramedics attended to his wound and Jeremy made it to hospital for surgery.

He believes the bull shark may have been 5ft long due to the spacing of the teeth marks on the bottom and top of his foot.

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