Talibans horrifying list of weapons which could be used in attacks against UK

The Taliban has accrued millions of pounds worth of new sophisticated weaponry from the US which could be used against the west in devastating terror attacks, a source has said.

Included in the frightening arsenal the Taliban reportedly took from supplies from the defeated Afghan military are over two million 7.62 bullets for AK47 assault rifles valued at over a million pounds, reports The Daily Mirror.

Other supplies listed to have fallen into the Taliban's hands are said to be an A-29 light attack aircraft worth £17 million, 100,000 70mm rockets along with 89,000 combat, and new shirts worth around £3million.

Nearly 61,000 40mm high-explosive rounds have also been pocketed, plus over 4 million blank training cartridges that can be used to train forces.

The weaponry that would be welcomed by any modern army was captured as Taliban forces swept through Afghanistan leading to the surrender of the Government's armed defence.

The Taliban will also be able to make use of billions of pounds worth of equipment that has been brought into the country by the US and NATO forces over the last 20 years.

The concern is that the modernising of the Taliban forces effectively overnight could come back to haunt the west, including the UK through terror attacks.

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Colonel Richard Kemp, former commander of British forces in Afghanistan, said Britain will see "more terrorist attacks" in the future because of the weapons the Taliban now possesses.

“The ungoverned space of Afghanistan will be used by the Taliban’s partners Al-Qaeda and the tallies of equipment now being revealed are deeply disturbing," he told The Daily Mirror

The fear is that a "very well equipped terrorist army" in Afghanistan will be run by the "new rulers" of the country.

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The former commander believes the US forces were in a no-win situation in which the Afghan army had to be armed.

“The Taliban is now fully-armed and in control of the entire country – and the west has left this equipment for them to help themselves," he said.

“I am not sure what could have done about it as this was given to the Afghan Army and you cannot withdraw the equipment whilst they were fighting the Taliban."

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Even if the Taliban are unable to use the hardware themselves the fear is it will be shipped to terrorist groups around the world strengthening their positions.

A source said: “An awful lot of very deadly equipment whose sole purpose is to kill and maim human beings has fallen into the hands of the world’s most dangerous and capable terrorists.”

Although there is no precise figure it is thought that aircraft now in the Taliban's control could include C-130 (Hercules), AC-208, A-29, C-208, and helicopters such as the UH-60, known as Black Hawk.

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