Talk about shooting ourselves in foot Irish MEP absolutely sick of EUs Russia plans

Irish MEP criticises EU sanctions on Russia

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The Irish Member of the European Parliament angrily declared her opposition to the new European Union sanctions against Russia. The outraged MEP said the sanctions are effectively “shooting ourselves in the foot,” as the EU places restrictions on Russian trade. Addressing colleagues in the hemicycle, Ms Daly said:  “How is not selling Kerrygold butter to Russia going to save any Ukrainian lives?”

Ms Daly mocked the EU’s latest efforts to force a Russian retreat from Ukraine.“How is buying filthy, fracked US gas going to stop the war?

“We are happy to spend billions prolonging the war in Ukraine.”

The Irish politician said the ongoing list of so-far ineffective sanctions “makes me absolutely sick.”

She added: “Seven weeks ago Germany’s chancellor Scholz, correctly said peace in Europe cannot be won against Russia but that’s exactly what we’re doing,” 

The German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, claimed in February that lasting peace in Europe can only be achieved with the help of Russia, not against Russia.

Daly echoed the claims of the German Chancellor that Russia remains an essential partner to establish long-term peace in Europe.

The Irish politician still made clear she condemns the actions of Putin and his Russian forces, “Russia bears responsibility for this conflict, of course, they do,” said Daly.

However, the MEP was also openly critical of NATO and the gradual sanction approach taken by the EU.

“The EU, instead of promoting peace and acting in the interest of the people of Europe, the Ukrainians, the EU citizens, and the Russian citizens too, has become a tool of NATO and the military-industrial complex.”

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Ms Daly aggressively opposed the EU move to advance sanctions against Russia. 

She said the sanctions are hopeless in their aim to force Russian troops to withdraw.

Instead, the MEP claims the EU restrictions risk damaging European relations with Russia which remain crucial if peace in Europe is to be achieved and maintained.  

Ms Daly and fellow Irish MEP Mick Wallace already received criticism for their votes to oppose the European Parliament resolution which condemned Russian aggression in Ukraine. 

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The pair have since claimed they do not deny Russia is the aggressor but they believe sanctions risk destroying the Russian state and causing long-term chaos for Europe.

Addressing her vote against the European Parliament’s final resolution, Daly explained “it is a recipe for prolonging the war and escalating the conflict, rather than a resolution which could assist in delivering peace.”

The decision to vote against the resolution largely stems from Daly’s opposition to NATO as she criticised the plan to “accelerate the provision of military equipment and weapons in Ukraine, to strengthen NATO’s forward presence.”

The MEP claimed she would not support measures to supply military equipment to Ukraine as doing so is “risking a world war in which millions of people may perish.”

Daly claims the only effective route to peace in Europe is through “diplomacy and a negotiated peace,” and continues her harsh defiance of military support, claiming “there is no military solution to this crisis.”

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