Taxi driver ‘hits’ YouTuber filming near Covid test centre and yells ‘get a job’

A taxi driver has had his operator licence suspended after a YouTuber filmed a bust-up with him outside a coronavirus testing centre.

Charlie Veitch, who first shot to fame as a conspiracy theorist, recorded the heated row outside the facility at Salford Civic Centre, in Swinton, on November 19, Manchester Evening News reports.

In the clip, the taxi driver says: "Don’t be filming me."

Veitch says: "I’ve got some advice for you if you don’t want to be filmed don’t go up to people filming."

The pair continue to row and the taxi driver then gets out of his car and asks Veitch, "Where’s your mask?" and tells him, "Go get a job".

He then appears to push Veitch a couple of times.

Salford council confirmed it had suspended the driver's taxi licence "with immediate effect".

Veitch, 40, said he was using the test centre as a backdrop for a video, in which he was discussing Joe Biden and Donald Trump when he was confronted by the driver.

He told Manchester Evening News: "I felt shell shocked.

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"I feel I was excessively reasonable.

"In the video, you see me trying to say, 'Dude, come on. I'm here with a baby.'"

Veitch, who was unhurt, insists he was not trying to film anyone at the test centre.

A spokesperson for Salford council told MEN: "The incident was also captured by our CCTV cameras and footage has been passed to the police for review.

"We have suspended the drivers' taxi licence with immediate effect until a full report can be put before the licensing panel."

A spokesperson for Greater Manchester Police said officers were aware of "a video purporting to show a confrontation" and are investigating.

Veitch used to be a supporter of unproven 9/11 conspiracy theories before he appeared as a guest on BBC documentary 9/11 Conspiracy Road Trip and changed his mind, Vice reports.

His U-turn saw him receive death threats from the conspiracy theory community.

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