Teacher sacked for OnlyFans outed by blogger who posted her nudes on Facebook

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A teacher fired for her racy OnlyFans content says she was outed by a blogger who spammed Facebook with her nudes.

Sarah Juree, 40, was shocked to be given the boot from her full time job in June after her employer DoD STARBASE explained her X-rated snaps were 'putting its reputation at risk'.

Since her sacking, Sarah from Indiana, US, has gone all in on making money from OnlyFans where she has racked up almost 4,000 paying subscribers.

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Yet the self-proclaimed women’s empowerment and sexuality advocate is still disgusted by a local blogger who she blames for ruining her teaching career.

According to Sarah, a man with a "vendetta against teachers" exposed her side hustle by screengrabbing her naked pictures and sharing them on Facebook.

She told the Daily Star how a friend helped her launch an OnlyFans account in the first place to lift her out of a finance stricken "poverty cycle.

Sarah said: "A local friend started a page and had made £10k (£8,650) that month.

"She was mentoring women on how to create a revenue stream and many women in my area signed up at the same time. As a teacher and single mom, I was in a poverty cycle.

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"I had tried many side hustles: teeth whitening, sublimation, group exercise, keto training, reading tutoring but was not able to outwork my financial situation.

"So I was trying to earn income to provide the life my own children deserve."

Things were going from strength to strength for Sarah on the exclusive platform until someone decided to turn her life upside down out of spite, she says.

Sarah continued: "There is a local extreme right-wing blogger in the area who has been fired from the local news stations.

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"His ex-wife is a local teacher and he writes fabricated articles about people and tries getting private citizens fired, specifically, teachers.

"He stole and used copyrighted images of me from a private DM on Onlyfans and distributed my nude photos all over Facebook which is illegal.

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"He has a vendetta against teachers. He emailed my employer and they fired me the next day."

Sarah received a brutal letter from her employer telling her that what she was doing 'posed a real and immediate risk of harm to the reputation or business dealing's of the company.

She recalled: "I loved my job and was an exceptional teacher. My boss cried the day I got fired."


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