Teen girls pretended to be sex trafficking victims to steal a womans baby

Two teenage girls told a mother they were sex trafficking victims and then kidnapped her baby after she invited them into her family home.

Scathina Cureton, 35, said the two girls abducted her three-month-old son Anthony after she welcomed them into her property in Milwaukee, USA.

She said that the two girls, aged 14 and 16, pulled at her heartstrings at a local supermarket after they told her that they were homeless because "their mum was making them do things with her boyfriend at home."

"They basically lied to me, like they was being trafficked and molested," Scathina told Fox.

"I offered for them to come to my house to find somewhere to go…It got a little late, I end up dozing off, and when I dozed off my baby was gone, they was gone and my door was unlocked."

Scathina alerted the police shortly after 2am after discovering her baby and the girls had disappeared on Wednesday (March 23).

Milwaukee Police Department launched an Amber Alert to locate Anthony at around 7am and confirmed he was safely returned to Scathina during the afternoon.

The girls, who have not been named due to their age, are currently in custody at a juvenile detention facility.

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"I feel they should be prosecuted to the max because they didn't have no business taking my baby," the mum told station WISN.

"I mean stuff like this only happens on Lifetime movies."

Police said an investigation led them to a home where they located the girls and Anthony, reports the Daily Mail.

They arrested three other men at the property on unrelated charges.

It has since been reported that one of the girls allegedly told the police that no one believed that she was being sexually assaulted until she appeared with an infant.

It remains unknown at this time what the teenagers will be charged with.

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