Teen joyriders went on kangaroo massacre and mowed down 14 innocent animals

Two teenage boys have been charged after police discovered a string of 14 kangaroos that were 'deliberately' murdered.

It is believed that the two 17-year-olds were accused of using a four-wheel-drive vehicle to viciously mow down the defenceless creatures.

Law enforcement officers were called in the early hours of the morning after horrified locals reported seeing a sea of dead kangaroos along a section the New South Wales South Coast, Australia.

The bodies of five adult kangaroos and one joey were found in one part of the suburb, as well as a further seven dead roos at Maloney's Beach, LADbible reports.

The actions of those responsible have been branded as "senseless" by animal rescue group WIRES who helped law enforcement locate the animals.

One joey was thankfully found alive and taken into care by the rescue group.

New South Wales Police confirmed the two local teenagers were charged yesterday (October 11).

"The pair were issued a Court Attendance Notice (CAN) for recklessly beat and kills animal," NSW Police said in a statement.

"They are due to appear at a children's court on Friday 22 November 2021."

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In a statement on Facebook, WIRES wrote: "It is a tragic and senseless act that has left an indelible mark on our dedicated Mid South Coast branch volunteers who attended the scene, as well as the local residents," they said.

"A single surviving joey was located nearby on Saturday morning by a member of the public.

"She has been aptly nicknamed 'Hope' and is now in care with local WIRES member Shelley. We will continue to update you on Hope's progress.

"We thank the community for their efforts in reporting and assisting Police with their investigations into this incident."

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