Teen savaged by shark owes life to pal who carried him over 1 mile to hospital

A teenager attacked by a shark has thanked his best mate who carried him across sharp rocks for more than one mile in a desperate bid to save him.

Luke Pascoe, 17, was spearfishing in Western Australia on Monday when the attack happened.

Luke had speared a fish in 10m deep water and was heading back to the surface when the blood from the fish drew the attention of a 5m-long great white.

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As it tried to eat the fish, the shark took a chunk out of Luke’s leg, reports ABC.

When Luke reached the surface, his quick-thinking mate Conner Shirley created a makeshift tourniquet and used his dive belt to stop the bleeding.

The attack happened off Goode Beach, near Mistaken Island, in Albany, and Luke’s injuries included three lacerations to his legs – although he said the adrenalin from the attack meant he didn't feel any pain at the time.

“Conner was the one that helped me up onto the rock and he piggybacked me 2km along the rocks back to the car and drove me to hospital,” Luke told ABC.

“I owe my life to him. I was lying in bed last night and I was thinking to myself how lucky I am to still be here.”

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Speaking from his hospital bed, Luke said he understood the risks involved with spearfishing and didn't feel any ill will towards the shark.

'It's more my fault than the shark's fault,” he said, adding that he was keen to get back into the water as soon as he could.

Luke’s ordeal comes amid a general uptick in the number of shark attacks in Australia.

British expat Simon Nellist was killed by a great white in February in what was thought to be the first fatal shark attack in Sydney in nearly 60 years.


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