Teen who idolised serial killers lured man on date before stabbing him in neck

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A 19-year-old teenager who idolised serial killers lured a man from a dating app before plunging a knife in his neck minutes after they met.

The woman, known only as Sarah M, used a camping knife measuring 12cm and stabbed her victim – and she was arrested within an hour.

On the night of the attack, she left a chilling voice message for a friend that said: “I'm going out now, I want to kill my first one. I'm excited. Wish me luck that it works."

She had also idolised serial killers Ted Bundy and Richard Ramirez, putting up posters of both infamous murderers on her bedroom wall.

The court heard how she had purchased the murder weapon five days before the attack in May 2021 before setting up a fake dating profile under the name Domina Cherry.

She had then started talking to Zeyed E, before meeting him later the same day when he picked her up from her home in Bavaria.

Sarah M then stabbed him in the neck as they drove along.

Although he was able to wrestle the knife away and stop the car, he fell into a coma and died of his injuries in hospital three weeks later.

Sarah M was arrested in less than an hour in the town of Ebermannstadt.

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A total of 241 men wrote to her dating profile on three platforms after she signed up in late April within the three days before she murdered Zeyed, 39.

Prosecutor Michael Hoffman told the court if she hadn't been apprehended 37 minutes after the gruesome crime "she could easily have gone undetected for days to carry out her grisly plan".

She was later handed a 12-year sentence in a socio-therapeutic facility, holding up her hand to display a pentagram as her sentence was read in an act that mirrored killer Richard Ramirez who had done a similar act during his trial in 1988.

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The judge said that she had shown a "complete lack of empathy" for her victim, adding: "It is extremely rare for a perpetrator to kill a person out of lust for murder."

Sarah M had also researched online on the most effective place to stab someone in the neck, as well as how long it would take for them to die.

Her defence lawyer mitigated by saying that she had also struggled with drug abuse problems in the past and was only 18 at the time of the killing.

Her lawyer Thomas Drehsen said: "The act and execution were clumsy, compared to Ted Bundy and Richard Ramirez. Neither was arrested promptly, neither had previously announced his actions in the media."

However, judge Manfred Schmidt ruled that there was a "special gravity" of guilt at play as a result of the research and the lack of remorse.

She didn't resist arrest and the only time she appeared to show remorse was during a psychological questionnaire when she responded to the question "What annoys me", where she answered, "That I'm missing the best time of my life because of a stupid mistake."

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