Teenager killed after his friend mistook him for a wild boar while hunting

A teenager has tragically died after being shot in the neck by a rifle when his friends mistook him for a wild boar. Camilo Tallione, 19, the son of two police sergeants, was hunting the animals early on Tuesday morning at the El Moro establishment, near the town of Buena Esperanza in central Argentina, when he became separated from two of his friends. The trio had been herding the boars prior to killing them, with a fourth friend waiting at a hill nearby to slow the animals upon their arrival, but Mr Tallione made the fatal mistake of moving away from his fellow hunters. 

The teenager’s friends did not notice Mr Tallione had disappeared when they heard movement nearby in the early morning darkness.

Thinking it was an animal that had broken free from the pack, one of Mr Tallione’s fellow hunters opened fire in the direction of the movement with a 30.6 calibre rifle. 

The bullet struck the 19-year-old in the neck on the left side, damaging a vital artery. Mr Tallione then shouted from the darkness: “You hit me, you hit me”.

As the friends became aware of what had just transpired, the teenager walked several metres in their direction before collapsing lifeless on the ground. 

The shooter, who has not been named, then began firing his rifle towards the sky to attract the attention of the owners of El Moro estate. 

‌When the officers of the Buena Esperanza District 19 police station arrived at the scene, an ambulance was already on the scene. 

The victim was assisted by doctors but they could do nothing to save his life; they confirmed his death on site. 

The police report said Mr Tallione’s friend “fired a shot with his rifle … upon observing an object and not knowing that one of the three young men had stayed behind”. 

An investigation is underway. It is being conducted by the Homicide Division of Villa Mercedes under the direction of the prosecutor of the Second Judicial District, Francisco Assat.

The 19-year-old victim was a resident of Buena Esperanza and son of Police Sergeant Vanesa Ceballos and Sergeant Jorge Tallione. 

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