Temperatures to dive as Britain braced for plenty of rain this week

BBC Weather: Mixed conditions to hit UK as low pressure moves in

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The nation can expect a week of plunging temperatures and increasing rain – with this coming weekend being the climax of this latest batch of unsettled weather. That’s according to a weather expert who has spoken exclusively to Express.co.uk about the outlook for the next seven days. Jim Dale, from British Weather Services, said: “This week becomes more unsettled with time. Mild then cooler into the weekend, with plenty of rain in that. Dramatic maps also show a polar blast submerging the UK from the north over the weekend and into early next week, indicating a potential colder spell for the country.

Mr Dale also spoke about the areas likely to cop the most of the rain, and touched upon the colder spell on its way.

He added: “It’s universal rain but wetter areas are likely in south west England. Yes it will colder from the north but nothing over the top.”

His thoughts on this week’s meteorological outlook are also echoed by the Met Office’s latest forecasts. Referring to the remainder of this month, they say: “Friday (October 21) and the weekend will be unsettled to start the period as bands of rain and showers move eastwards across the country, with locally heavy and thundery showers possible in places, however drier conditions in the northeast.

“Fairly windy for most, especially in southern regions, though lighter in the far north. Into the following week, low-pressure should continue to dominate causing widely unsettled conditions, bringing showery periods interspersed with sunny dry spells.”

“Most of the rainfall will be in the west, along with the potential of strong winds here. Temperatures could be mild in the south and west, with colder spells in the northeast.

“For the rest of the country temperatures will be near normal, perhaps warm during sunny spells.” According to WX Charts, an interactive weather model, the mercury for the UK will vary with a north-south divide.

The south-east in particular will not notice too much of a decline in temperatures this week, with a warm plume presumably from northern Europe keeping thermometers into the early to mid teens. 

But in the north this will be a different picture entirely – with Yorkshire upwards seeing their thermostats recording single-digit figures throughout the day, not just amid an early morning frost.

This split in the country’s weather is noted by The Weather Outlook’s projections for the next fortnight, with founder Brian Gaze looking at this weekend particularly. He said: “Unsettled with an ongoing risk of showers or longer spells of rain which could be heavy at times.

“However, there should also be dry periods and in sunny spells it could become very mild or even warm. Temperatures may peak at close to 21C in the south on Thursday or Friday.”

In a more detailed passage, he continued: “Areas of low pressure will be centred to the west or southwest of the UK with high pressure building to the north.

“The likelihood is that very warm air will be pulled northwards from southern Europe and in sunny spells there is the potential for late season warmth. However, wet and windy conditions may suppress temperatures and restrict the extent of Indian Summer conditions.”


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Then, looking into next week he continued: “Changeable with a risk of showers or longer spells of rain in all areas.

“However, some dry periods are likely too, especially in the eastern half of the UK. It is expected to be mild or very mild for much of the week in the south. In the north there is a chance of it turning colder.”

Looking into next week, WX Charts’ maps forecasts lows of 6C during the day in the north – with the Midlands creating the belt between the chillier north and the milder south.

In the south, temperatures will remain in double digits – with highs of 13C set to be recorded.

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