Terminally ill kids forced to line up in snow to form Z for Russian propaganda

A group of terminally ill children have tragically been made to stand outside in freezing conditions to make the letter 'Z', which has become the symbol of support for Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Ever since Russian President Vladimir Putin sent troops across the border into Ukraine, Russian military vehicles have been spotted with various symbols on them.

Within these symbols, the letter Z has been commonly seen, which is believed to have been dubbed as a sign of support for Russia's brutal actions.

Patients and employees of a cancer hospice in Russia have been enlisted for a "flash mob" to form the letter 'Z' for a photograph in support of of the Ukraine invasion, LADbible reports.

The Chairman of the Board of the Public Charitable Foundation for Helping Children with Leukaemia, Vladimir Vavilov, organised the propaganda piece, according to the hospice's website.

Vavilov told the publication Tatar-inform: "The action took place in the morning. Our patients and the entire team took part in it – about 60 people in total. People lined up in the shape of the letter Z.

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"In our left hand we held leaflets with the flags of the LPR, DPR, Russia and Tatarstan, and we clenched our right hand into a fist."

The image of the children in formation was taken by a drone and posted on to the hospice's website,The Telegraphreports.

It comes after McDonald's lovers in Russia rushed to form long queues for one final meal from the fast-food chain before they close due to the international outrage of the Russia-Ukraine war.

Lines are stretching for nearly half a mile outside outlets as many are desperate for one last Big Mac.

Video footage posted online by Ukraine Live News shows cars lining up in a Moscow drive-thru, whereas, photos across Twitter show some desperate customers lining the streets on foot in the snow.

Other pictures show desperate Russians lining up around the block on foot, waiting it out in blisteringly cold temperatures for a Quarter Pounder.

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