Terrified Russian men are changing gender to avoid being sent to war in Ukraine

Desperate Russian men are changing their gender in a bid to avoid fighting for war-mad Russian President Vladimir Putin's army in Ukraine.

The mad claim has now seen Putin's officials aim to tighten the laws surrounding gender in the hopes that it will stop panicking males making the drastic switch.

Putin has so far lost a whopping 770,000 troops in battle, with more than 570k of those being soldiers who were injured so badly that they can no longer return to battle.

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And with a shockingly high death toll of around 193k, more and more Russian males are trying to find ways to avoid fighting after Putin closed the boarders to anyone who had been drafted.

According to Russia's justice minister, Konstantin Chuychenko, officials were looking at ways to “take a step towards enshrining family values in the Russian law” in response, especially as in Russia you can change gender just filling in a form rather than having surgery.

He said: “This will allow us to rule out the possibility of changing a person's gender purely by changing the documents.

“A person who changes their passport gender but physically remains the same can get married and adopt children, (which) could result in various legal complications.”

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And the Telegraph reports that Nina Ostanina, a Russian Communist Party MP, said: “Both MPs and the justice ministry have suspicions about the growing number of such changes.”

“Those men who did not manage to flee the country after Vladimir Putin's mobilisation last September had rushed to private clinics to do the paperwork.”

A vote on the new rules is set to take place next week, and be rushed through Parliament by May 15.

According to official stats, just 2,7000 men changed gender in Russia between 2018 and 2022 – no new figures have been released since the start of the war, however.

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