Terrified urban explorers spot a hand in one of their photos and call police

A pair of urban explorers were forced to tentatively return back to a house they explored and call the police after noticing that one of their photos featured a human hand appearing from under the rubble.

The 'Urbexcr' group, who travel all across the country venturing into interesting abandoned buildings, didn't think too much of their findings when they first searched the derelict house.

The pair of explorers claimed they had an "eerie feeling" as they walked around the lost building for the first time.

Keeping the location of the house private to protect its anonymity, the pair of explorers documented how they found a weird array of dog cages, collars, water dishes and beds.

But after the pair left the property and shared their photos on Facebook, followers noticed something extremely worrying in one of their photos.

In one sinister image, a human hand appeared to be coming out from under the rubble.

Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star, one of the explorers said: "The page went crazy, people were accusing us of photoshopping it in.

"Other people kicked off and said we had left someone dead under the rubble.

"Honestly, I woke up and my phone was hot to touch cause there were so many messages and notifications."

Terrified at the discovery and realising that their could be an actual dead body left in the house, the pair rushed back to the property and called the police on their way.

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"The police go down and we race down trying to get there before them," the explorer continued.

"We wanted to take a look but as it was during Covid we could have been fined for being outside."

When the couple got back to the house the police had already raided the property.

And shockingly, the hand was nothing more than an old magazine.

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"The police were not happy at all," the explorer added.

"Thankfully it turned out not to be a dead body. You can't make this stuff up."

The explorer's have now dubbed the property "hand house" as followers were left in disbelief at the revelation claiming how it had "looked so real" before.

One said: "Well I never expected that. Swear it looked so real at the time!"

Another wrote: "What if someone in the house purposely put the magazine like that so people and police will search for them?"

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