Terrifying lost Deadmans Island in UK full of skulls where visitors are banned

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A terrifying 'lost' island off the UK coast is filled with human remains and has only reappeared due to changes in sea levels.

Deadman’s Island may only be a short distance from the East Sussex border and off the coast of Kent, but very few have stepped foot on the mysterious island.

It may well seem like it could be from the backdrop for a horror movie or the perfect place to shoot a British version of the Pirates of the Caribbean, but it is a real place.

The name Deadman's Island was given after recent investigations of the lost isle found its land to be littered with human remains such as bones, skulls and teeth.

It was reported on SussexLive that over 200 years ago, the island was used as a burial ground for convicts who died aboard prison ships.

The island can be found off the River Medway opposite Queenborough on the Isle of Sheppey.

They call the island 'lost' because the change in sea levels have caused Deadman’s Island to reappear, revealing the bodies of prisoners who lost their lives aboard the 'hulk' boats.

Due to coastal erosion and tide, the island is currently visible in 2021.

Wooden coffins, skulls and bones can be seen sticking out from the mud that covers part of the island.

Locals have also warned of ghostly folklore for anyone looking to travel to the island.

Tales of hounds with glaring-red eyes seen eating the heads of buried bodies are said to haunt the lands, as if being on an island filled with bodies was not spooky enough already.

Visitors are also greeted to the island though an entrance named 'Coffin Bay', its name deriving from the open coffins and human remains lining its welcoming.

Although the island is completely out of bounds to the public, television crews have been drawn to the chilling location including BBC's Inside Out team.

Speaking to The Sun in 2017, director Sam Supple said: “It is like being on the set of a horror film.

“It looks so surreal, it’s like an art department has designed it. There are open coffins and bones everywhere."

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Presenter Natalie Graham added: “What I saw there will stay with me forever.

“This is a really strange sight. I would imagine there can’t be anywhere on earth like this.”

Natural England owns the land and the island is a Site of Special Scientific Interest, recognised to be of international importance under the Ramsar Convention, an international treaty for the conservation and sustainable use of wetlands

The reason for the ban on visitors to Deadman's Island is due to its bird breeding and nesting site. Birds have populated the area and any human visitors are thought to disturb them.

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