Terrifying moment missile is launched over Israel during live TV report

A journalist reporting from Israel has captured the terrifying moment a missile was launched on camera while giving a live TV report

Broadcast journalist David Borek was in Ashkelon, a city close to the turbulent region Gaza, when an unexpected missile fired into the air.

The Israel-Palestine conflict has intensified in recent days and at least 35 Palestinians and five Israelis have been killed since Monday (May 10).

In the live footage on Czech TV, David is talking to the news anchor from an open space that looks like an outdoor car park.

Seconds later, he hears a loud rumbling noise in the background and turns around to find a missile being launched into the sky.

A siren can be heard ringing loudly around him before the sound of explosions echo above.

The cameraman quickly pans the shot to the sky and captures the missile in action.

The missile sweeps around the airspace above Ashkelon, which is located just 13 kilometres north of Gaza before exploding several other projectiles that are set to detonate down below.

According to Israeli media, two women were killed when a rocket hit a house in Ashkelon. They had no access to a shelter.

Tensions have always been high in the region as Israel has always refused to acknowledge Palestine as a state.

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But clashes have risen in recent weeks. When the Muslim holy month of Ramadan began last month, Palestinians complained of, what they say, was unnecessarily severe restrictions by Israeli police.

In late April, hundreds of far-right Israelis marched down city streets chanting “death to Arabs”.

And they have escalated even further in the past week ahead of an Israeli court ruling, initially scheduled for Monday, on whether authorities could evict dozens dozens of Palestinians from the majority-Arab East Jerusalem neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah. The ruling would have given their homes to Jewish settlers.

The court date was delayed but the violence had already spiralled out of control.

And rockets continue to be fired by both sides.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said officials decided to "increase both the strength and rate of the strikes" against militant groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad in the Gaza Strip.

He said: "Hamas will receive blows now that it didn't expect."

The Palestinians have fired more than 200 rockets into Israel, half of them aimed at Tel Aviv but some have been intercepted almost immediately by Israel's air defence systems.

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