Terrifying research confirms how quickly a zombie apocalypse would spread

Scientists have revealed how long it would take a city to succumb to a zombie apocalypse – and it's not long at all.

Researchers at Aalto University in Espoo, Finland, have conducted an extensive study and found that it would take just 24 hours for humanity to fall.

The group of academics created a simulation that placed one zombie in the middle of Finland's capital city Helsinki, and concluded that it would only take a single day for the entire city to have to go into an intense quarantine.

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From the moment the zombie first rears its ugly head, to avoid mass extinction, the people of Helsinki would have just seven hours to kill every last one of them. Otherwise, it's game over.

The team claimed that the undead would 'Inevitably overrun the country'. The scientists looked into how zombie plagues would spread throughout the Nordic nation.

Using their simulations, they tried to put together an accurate picture of how humans, and indeed, the zombies, would act. This allowed the team to determine how easy it would be to quarantine the infection region and how the spread would differ between a major city and the countryside.

With an idea so advanced, the research didn't come without challenges. Project leader, Professor Lauri Viitasaari, said: "What's the right probability for a human winning an encounter with a zombie?"

Professor Pauliina Ilmonen, leader of the study, added: “The problem is that we're walking blind here, because real data on such questions is severely limited. I shouldn't have found it surprising, but I was surprised at how quickly we have to react to keep our population alive. It made me think about moral issues like the rights of individuals versus the rights of a population.”

We've all watched Shaun of the Dead full of confidence that if we were ever in that scenario, we'd come up with a plan to survive. While it's one thing fantasizing about smacking a member of the undead across the head with a battered baseball bat, facing one, in reality, is an entirely different kettle of fish.

So, with all that considered, it might be worth planning in advance. If you've ever got a moment or two spare, I'd suggest stocking up on all the tins of tomato soup and beans and sausage you can get your hands on.

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