Tesco worker licks a Bakewell tart and tricks colleague to eat it in prank vid

A Tesco worker was filmed allegedly tricking a colleague to eat a Bakewell tart after licking the pastry in a resurfaced video.

The clip, posted on Facebook, shows a female worker taking the sweet pastry from the box and seemingly licking the crust at the bottom.

Then she places the tart back onto the plastic tray inside the Mr Kipling box. A man is heard chuckling behind the camera while filming the prank in the Tesco office.

In a second video, a white-haired man wearing an orange high-vis jacket receives a similar pastry box and pops the last tart into his mouth.

But he quickly spits it out in disgust, asking his co-workers: "Have you licked this?"

The video cuts as other colleagues laugh at him.

The online post read: "Isn’t Tesco a nice place to work? When mangers go the extra mile for their staff."

Viewers were outraged after watching the clips and some called the prank as an act of food tampering.

One wrote: "That's actually disgusting, and considered illegal under Food Tampering."

Another said: "What the f*** basically a terrorist attack with corona being about, that is so illegal."

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But others said there were no evidence suggesting it could be the same pastry.

"Did she even lick it? Looks a bit like a pretend lick to me," a viewer commented and a second penned: "Absolutely zero evidence it's the same food but I guess no one gets a joke anymore."

Others pointed out that it's a "joke between two colleagues".

Daily Star understands that the footage was taken in the back office and that the food was not to be sold to customers.

A spokesperson for Tesco said: "We are aware of this video from January 2020 and want to assure our customers that we expect all colleagues to work to the highest health and safety standards in our distribution centres.

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