Texas man taken into custody in Fort Morgan after assaulting Amtrak conductor

A man identified as Abraham Sudberth, 53, was arrested by Fort Morgan Police officers on Tuesday evening at the Fort Morgan train station after assaulting an Amtrak conductor. He was later turned over to the Morgan County Sheriff’s office.

Morgan County Sheriff Dave Martin said Sudberth assaulted the train conductor somewhere between Fort Morgan and Wiggins as the train was en route to Nebraska. Martin added Sudberth is facing criminal charges and is being held in the Morgan County Jail on a $3,000 cash surety or property bond. Sudberth, who’s from Mineola, Texas, is facing third-degree assault, disorderly conduct, hindering transportation, and reckless endangerment charges.

According to Fort Moran Police Chief Loren Sharp, a call came into the police department at 9:39 p.m. about an incident happening on the train. Sharp said the train was minutes away from the Morgan train station when his department received the call. Martin and Sharp said Sudberth was arrested without incident.

Sharp said technically the incident didn’t happen in city limits, but rather in county limits, so once that was learned, it became a county matter.

“The typical thing is when it happens somewhere between Denver and here, they kick them off the train in Fort Morgan because that’s their stop,” Sharp said. “So we end up being the ones called to help them remove the party.”

Martin heard from his officers that the assault could have stemmed from a mental health incident by Sudberth as there were no signs of intoxication from either alcohol or drugs. No passengers were harmed, and the conductor, who filed criminal charges, suffered minor injuries according to Martin.

Martin said the information as to where Sudberth originally boarded the train was unavailable. The investigation as to what transpired is still ongoing.

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