‘Thanks Biden!’ Marco Rubio slams President for ‘donating Air Force’ to Taliban insurgents

Biden: Marco Rubio says ‘we donated air force to Taliban’

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The furious former Republican Presidential candidate launched a scathing rant at President Joe Biden during an appearance on Fox News on Wednesday. He insisted that the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan is one of the worst catastrophes ever experienced by the USA adding that the speedy withdrawal has led to the Taliban having possession of huge amounts of US military equipment. Mr Rubio went on to slam President Biden for sticking to “dates” and not “goals” as part of the withdrawal from the country.

Mr Rubio said: “When history looks back at this moment… this is going to be a big deal for decades.

“This is going to be covered as one of the worst catastrophes In American foreign policy history for two reasons.”

Mr Rubio suggested that the first “failure” of the Biden administration was that they did not “anticipate what they should have known”.

He claimed that even when “the red lights were flashing the whole time” with the Taliban moving faster through the country, the White House seemed “oblivious” to what the Taliban was capable of.

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Mr Rubio went on to say how the second major failure was the “botching of this evacuation” and the “entire process” of withdrawal from Afghanistan by the USA.

He went on to suggest President Biden should not have set dates for when the US should withdraw as this but instead leave when “the goal” of extracting all the necessary “people and equipment” was achieved.

And in a bold statement, he said that he would “kill the Taliban” if they get in the way if he was coordinating the withdrawal.

While in a furious conclusion, Rubio hit out at Biden for leaving vital aircraft in the hands of the Taliban as pictures emerge of Taliban fighters surveying abandoned US helicopters and military equipment.

Afghanistan: Trump says he'd have 'bombed' the equipment

He slammed: “We just donated an airforce to the Taliban!”

His comments come as former President Donald Trump shared his grave concerns that the Taliban are now in possession of US-owned Black Hawk helicopters.

Speaking to Fox Business last week, Trump slammed Biden for the catastrophic scenes which have seen the Taliban accumulate an array of heavy machinery from helicopters to humvees and an arsenal of new weapons abandoned at former US airbases across Afghanistan. While he questioned why Biden did not “bomb the hell out of” the remaining equipment.

He said: “You gotta get your people out… then you take your equipment out. And after you take your equipment out, you bomb the hell out of the forts so nobody else can use them! Because I was going to do that, I said I want every one of these forts.”

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Mr Trump claimed it would take a plane “two hours” to carry out such a mission but he conceded that “brand new Blackhawk helicopters” were now “being used by the Taliban” as a result of the rapid retreat from the country. 

Trump’s comments come as a Sky News report back in July revealed how the Taliban had taken control of a former US base in Wardak province in the north of the country.

The report showed how the insurgents had snatched an astonishing 900 brand new guns, 30 humvees, 20 armoured pick-up trucks, thousands of rounds of ammunition, and boxes upon boxes of brand new missiles and mortars.

A Taliban told commander told Sky how the equipment “does help us a lot and it has given us a lot of new weapons we can use in battle.”

While the Guardian newspaper reported on Wednesday, August 25 how Rosoboronexporter, Russia’s state exporter of arms and military vehicles, said the Taliban had captured over 100 Russian Mi-17 helicopters in the past week, the US had donated the choppers to the Afghan army in recent years.

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