The Queen’s joke about Donald Trump resurfaces as US election goes to the wire

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A comical joke from the Queen about Donald Trump has resurfaced online as the US President battles to stay in the White House.

Trump and Democrat candidate Joe Biden are engaged in a far closer battle to become the next POTUS than early polls suggested, with results from a number of states still yet to come in.

But amid the political uncertainty, one royal fan account has shared a video of a light-hearted moment involving the Queen and the billionaire.

The clip, taken from 2018 ITV documentary The Queen’s Green Planet, shows Her Majesty walking through a picturesque garden in Buckingham Palace with Sir David Attenborough.

As they start to speak, their conversation is drowned out by the sound of a plane.

“Why do they go round and round when you want to talk?” an irritated Queen asks.

She then pokes fun at the noisy aircraft favoured by the president, saying: “Sounds like President Trump. Or President Obama.”

Sir David chuckles at the cheeky quip before the clip comes to an end.

The video has since resurfaced online after being posted by Instagram account @harry_meghan_updates yesterday (November 3).

And viewers loved what they saw. “This is priceless,” one viewer wrote.

Another commented: “She doesn’t look happy haha.”

A third said: “Her face says it all SCARY!” While a fourth added: “Thank you I really need a lol today.”

The Queen is famously not allowed to be political, but a royal expert recently said has the “respect of everyone around the world”.

Robert Jobson told True Royalty TV: “I think when you see her with world leaders, even when we saw her with Donald Trump.

“There was a degree of respect there from Mr Trump that you would not have necessarily seen with him and other heads of state.”

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