Theyll be exhausted Russia troops on brink of deep freeze as Putins to halt advance

Ukraine: Russia troops on brink of 'deep freeze'

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Former Chief of the General Staff Lord Dannatt forecast that Russian troops will successfully gain control over the Donbas, but once the campaign in the region is completed Russians “will be exhausted”. He explained that Russian troops have lost great manpower and equipment and added that “the likelihood of them wanting to press any further is fairly low”. He stressed “Russians are not going to be able to win, but Ukrainians will not lose either”, and claimed at that point the war will “go into the deep freeze”.

Lord Dannatt told Times Radio: “I think most observers would agree that the manpower that the Russians have lost, the equipment that they’ve lost in trying to get control of the Donbas means that if and when, and it probably will be when, they do get control completely of Donetsk and Luhansk provinces, they will have shot their bolt at that stage.

“They will be exhausted.

“I think the likelihood of them wanting to press on any further I would judge to be fairly low.

“The Russians are not going to be able to win, but the Ukrainians will not lose either.

“Russians will batter away with their long-range artillery, they will gradually grind forward and they will get control of most of these two Donbas provinces.

“And it is at that point that the war will effectively go into the deep freeze.

“The Russians will be exhausted.

“The Ukrainians will not have been defeated.

“But they will not, certainly not, have the strength to be able to kick the Russians out of the Donbas region.

“This is where the fighting will, by and large, come to a halt.”

He also added: “You could ask me if they were going to press on, where would they press on to?

“I guess it would be going back down to the south again, trying to press towards Odessa.

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“I stand by what I’ve said several times over the last few weeks.

“Odessa is well defended.

“Any thought about Operation from the Sea, I believe, has gone right back when they lost their flagship.

“The battle over Donetsk is the key battle at the present moment and we need to watch that one very carefully”.

The claims came as an update from the UK Ministry of Defence confirmed that “Russian forces now control the majority of Sieverodonetsk”.

The update also read: “Elements of Ukrainian Armed Forces, along with several hundred civilians, are sheltering in underground bunkers in the Azot Chemical Plant, in the city’s industrial zone. Russian forces will likely be fixed in and around Azot whilst Ukrainian fighters can service underground. This will likely prevent Russian from re-taking these units for missions elsewhere”.

Governor of the Luhansk region Serhiy Haidai confirmed that about 500 civilians, 40 of them children, are now sheltering in Azot, a chemical factory in Sievierodonetsk.

Referring to the civilians trapped in the plant, he stressed the need for an evacuation as he claimed “people can no longer stand it in the shelter, their psychological state is on edge”.

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