Theyre coming for Macron EU set to punish Presidents key election pledge

Macron hammer blow as Le Pen 'more in tune with daily issues'

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The French leader is facing far-right candidate Marine Le Pen on Sunday for the second round of elections after five years in power. Polls are favouring Mr Macron, who is currently enjoying more than 10 points above Le Pen.

But the French President is in for a surprise from Brussels as soon as, and if, he is re-elected on Sunday, according to Generation Frexit leader Charles-Henri Gallois.

Speaking to in Paris, Mr Gallois claimed Macron’s policy for lower energy prices and a cap on electricity prices at four percent will be reversed by order of the EU.

He said: “Macron has advocated for lower prices on energy even though there is a joint European mechanism.

“But I’m quite sure that the EU will ask him to reverse it because it will say that it goes its competitive measures.

“They’ve already said it to Spain after their election, they said they had to reverse it because it’s a problem for competitiveness towards EU neighbours and Germany.

“They don’t say it before the election because they don’t want to damage Macron but after the election they will do it, they will come for Macron.”

A day after the gloves came off in a combative debate between Emmanuel Macron and his far-right challenger Marine Le Pen, the president sparred with a new partner on Thursday as France’s election campaign neared its close.

On the hunt for votes in a Paris suburb with a strong left-wing vote, Macron dropped into a sports club, rolled up his shirtsleeves and tossed out a few tentative jabs as a boxing coach urged him on.

“Go on, go on, hit me,” the sports coach encouraged.

“I’m gonna go for it,” Macron retorted, only to watch his punches miss their target as his opponent ducked and dived out of the way.

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Support for the president came from bystanders.

“Right between the eyes,” one man egged Macron on.

Instead, the president, joking, aimed at the torso.

Macron maintained his lead over Le Pen ahead of Sunday’s run-off vote, a poll showed.

Viewers of the only debate between the two final candidates deemed Macron prone to bouts of high-handedness with Le Pen but also found him more convincing and fit to be president.

But a likely high level of abstention and anger with some of Macron’s policies – and his sometimes abrasive style – mean his re-election is no done deal.

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On Friday, he acknowledged his failure to quell some of the anger felt in the country and which his far-right rival Le Pen was using to drive her campaign.

“She has managed to draw on some of what we did not manage to do, on some of the things I did not manage to do to pacify some of the anger, respond quickly to what voters want,” Macron told France Inter radio on Friday, speaking of his rival.

He added: “The far-right lives on fears and resentment.”

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