Thug knocks out bloke with single punch in one of UKs worst-rated McDonalds

A thug has avoided jail after being found guilty of knocking a man out with a single punch inside one of the worst-rated McDonald's branches in the UK.

Brandon Reay, who pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm earlier this week, got into an argument with a man he didn't know inside the Grainger Street branch of the fast-food chain in Newcastle.

It happened in the early hours of the morning, and his victim tried to walk away.

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It is not clear what started the argument, but the forklift truck driver launched into a frenzied attack after he thought the unnamed man told him to “f**k off”.

The victim denies uttering the phrase, but was left with a bloody chin after losing consciousness and hitting the ground.

And he only knew about it when police were standing over him trying to revive him.

The hearing took place at Newcastle Crown Court, and Prosecutor Neil Pallister said: “He said the defendant became very aggressive and was trying to show off.

“He removed his shirt and started shouting 'come outside' and tried to get him outside to fight.

“The complainant said he tried to avoid a confrontation and apologised if he had offended him and said he would go outside to talk.

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“He went outside and the next thing he recalls is being on the ground with a police officer over him.

“He said his head hurt and his chin was bleeding, and he thinks he lost consciousness.

“In his statement he says 'This has made me feel powerless and frightened'.”

CCTV footage from the restaurant showed Reay punching him in the face just one – but it was powerful enough to knock him out.

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He was slapped with 100 hours unpaid work and must pay £500 compensation, £500 costs and must partake in a “thinking skills” programme.

The incident occurred in a branch with a poor reputation, which has comments on review website TripAdvisor slamming it for mouldy food, missing food items and long waiting times.

One customer even said that his order took “40 minutes” and that it was “absolute utter garbage”.

However, it's not all bad for the restaurant, as out of the plethora of bad reviews, some customers appeared to like the place, with one calling it "outstanding in every respect", while another said it was "light and airy" with "colourful décor".

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