Thug trying to rob woman gets instant karma when men jump off bus and attack him

A man assaulting a woman on a street got an instant dose of karma when four strangers got off a bus to rescue her.

Video shared on Twitter showed the attack in Mina Gerais, Brazil on Monday, June 6, where a man in a Maradona football shirt attempts to rob a woman near a bus stop.

The woman is visibly distressed and can be seen asking the man to stay away from her.

The man pulls her backwards by grabbing her backpack before a bus pulls over and a group of workers come to her aid.

Four men in high-vis jacket emerge from the bus and surround the man, who can be seen picking up a stone from the ground ready to strike.

But he is quickly taken down and kicked in the stomach.

One passerby can be seen intervening and breaking up the fight.

The group head back to the bus while keeping their eyes on the man to stop him from following.

They wait until the man leaves the area and hop back on the bus.

According to local media, the man was arrested by the police after he fled the scene.

A statement from the Mina Gerais Police said: "The 22-year-old fled the scene, but was arrested hours later while he was taking refuge in his house."

Viewers praised the strangers for stepping up to help the woman as one said: "I'm sorry, but I feel satisfaction watching the video…I've already watched it about 10 times."

Another wrote: "Thank god they stop and help her out!"

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