TikTok stars set to become billionaires with some earning £50k a post

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TikTok is a relatively new social media platform, first launching barely four years ago — yet its young stars are already on track to billionaire status.

The video-sharing app, first released in October 2016, sees users upload short clips of themselves dancing, singing, acting, performing magic tricks or giving life advice.

Its algorithm has allowed youthful content creators to flourish and quickly amass millions of loyal viewers, catapulting them to international celebrity status.

A new analysis of TikTok's earning potential has revealed it's not only fame these influencers have achieved, but quite extraordinary amounts of wealth – and they're set to earn even more in the years to come.

Fresh Student Living has released research into which star of the app is likely to become the world's first TikTok billionaire.

Using a "TikTok money calculator" researchers reviewed the earning potential of some of the platform's most-followed users.

They then calculated how many years it would take each one to earn their first billion if they published an average of just five sponsored posts per year.

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Charlie D'Amelio, who has more than 100 million TikTok followers, has come out on top. The 16-year-old dancer can currently earn between £46,532 and £77,974 for a single post, the research found.

So far she's shared 1,748 posts, so in order to hit a billion, she'll need to make 21,491 posts over the next 12 years and will finally earn billionaire status in 2033 when she's 28 years old.

Charlie is closely followed by Addison Rae, who would need to make another 30,407 posts to hit 1 billion by the time she's 37.

Next up is 31-year-old Zach King – the magic-performing TikToker only has 260 posts currently and would have to up this number by 41,044 to make his billion.

In fourth place is Bella Poarch, who would need to make 41,188 posts over the next 23 years to hit 1 billion.

Top 5 TikTok Stars to Become Billionaires

  1. Charlie D'Amelio – on track for billionaire status by 2033, aged 28. Earnings per post: £46,532
  2. Addison Rae Easterling – on track for billionaire status by 2038, aged 37. Earnings per post: £32,887
  3. Zach King – on track for billionaire status by 2043, aged 53. Earnings per post: £24,364
  4. Bella Poarch – on track for billionaire status by 2044, aged 47. Earnings per post: £24,279
  5. Spencer X – on track for billionaire status by 2046, aged 53. Earnings per post: £22,125
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