TikTok users fume after hikers accidentally ruin couples scenic proposal

A man's proposal to his potential future wife has blown up on social media after his life-defining moment was ruined by a pair of hikers.

In the viral TikTok video a man is seen on his knee, in the old age tradition, waiting for his beautiful bride-to-be to turn around and see the engagement ring, reports The Mirror.

The scene is beautifully set with a magnificent blue lake in the background, all he has to do is hold his nerve and pop the question.

Unfortunately as if often the case things do not go exactly to plan and just as the greatest moment of their lives is being played out the two tourist video-bomb the incredible moment.

The amazing setting is Emerald Bay in Tahoe, California and it is a view that would cause anyone to be distracted from everything else around them.

What makes the TikTok video so funny is the awkwardness when the hikers realise they are in the way.

While the woman hiker realises that she is in the shot and quickly backs away, her male companion seems to get stuck, unsure whether to turn back or simply hold his spot.

The clip left people divided, as one asked: "Do people have absolutely no sense?", while another wrote: "They ruined the shot…"

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But another defended the blunder, writing: "I don't think he realised it and when he did, he didn't know how to escape."

Another added: "These are public spaces. If he wanted a private moment, there are miles of trails he could have made that happen with more beautiful spots."

"And this is why you don't do public proposals," commented one viewer.

"Hahaha, that's so funny, he didn't know what to do. At least you will look back on this video in years to come and laugh about it. Congratulations," wrote another.

Another optimist added: "Don't mind the people in the back, it will be a story to tell your grandkids one day. Lesson: life can throw you a curveball."

"They didn't ruin anything, the couple was so into their moment," agreed another.

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