Time Traveller predicts grim 2022 – and warns something will happen tonight

A TikTok user claiming to be a time traveller made grim predictions for next year and warned that something "massive" is going to happen tonight.

The TikTok user named, ThatOneTimeTraveler claimed he was a real time traveller when he appeared on social media to tell of the supposed upcoming dates – including one today.

The user has 1.3million followers on the platform with a simple bio: "Yes, I'm a real time traveler."

They claim to be "a real time traveller just here to help humanity."

The "time traveler," insisted the dates to be aware of are December 20 and December 25.

The post, which was viewed by 1.2million followers, reads: "December 20th – 8 Humans receive super powers from the energy waves of the sun.

"December 25th (Christmas Day) – Something big will happen on this day that shocks the world, and changes the way humans live forever."

In an earlier TikTok post he said the "big day is remembered for centuries, and changes how humans live."

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"This will 100% prove that I am a real-time traveler, don't forget the date," the social media user claimed online.

Additionally, the "time traveler" claims countries known as Sweden, Norway, the United Kingdom, and Finland will "unite together" in 2027 "creating a massive powerhouse."

Commenters ridiculed the user and filled the comment section with jokes.

One user wrote: "Duh, Santa's coming to town,"

Another quipped: "I manage to find a PS5 in the shops?"

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And one commenter pointed out that the "time traveller" may be right, based on a technicality.

"That is true, Christmas is always remembered every year," they said.

ThatOneTimeTraveler also warned that New Year's Day will "change how humans live."

"Something big happens on the first day of the new year you don't want to miss," they wrote.

"What happens on this day no human will ever see again in human existence."

The TikTok user is often the subject of jokes after their many predictions fail to manifest in real life.

A post from last year claimed that January 2, 2021, would change the world, which led to commenters coming back after the day had passed to joke "McDonald's now has McRibs buy one get one free!"

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