Tiny 2-week-old kitten heartlessly dumped outside vets gets adopted by employee

A tiny cat that was heartlessly dumped outside a vet has been taken in by an employee at the surgery – and three months later looks adorable.

Reddit user Juliejadeice shared the backstory to her feline with a video yesterday (November 18).

The clip shows the ginger kitty slowly crawling towards his new owner.

Showing no signs of shyness, the adorable ball of fluff lets out tiny meows as Julie, behind the camera, starts giggling.

She holds out her hand and it seems like the cat is barely any bigger.

Julie posted the video with the caption: “Somebody left this two-week-old kitten outside the vet I work at. I took him home that night and now he’s 14 weeks old.”

The video has since been upvoted more than 8,000 times with viewers praising her for adopting the cute feline.

“Not all heroes wear capes some wear scrubs,” one wrote. “You are the best.”

Another said: “You're the best kind of person, the world needs more of you. Thank you.”

A third commented: “I showed this to my cat, she loved it.”

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