Tiny rescue kitten takes his first bath in a sink and absolutely loves it

Cats are well-known for hating water – but someone clearly forgot to tell this adorable kitten.

Footage going viral on Reddit shows the tiny feline looking completely relaxed in a sink of water.

According to the caption, it is his “first bath ever” and he is clearly loving every minute of it.

Near the end of the clip, the feline even appears to be nodding off.

The clip has received more than 76,000 upvotes since it was shared yesterday (October 29) and viewers were taken aback by just how much the feline loved the water.

“This is not the behaviour of a kitten getting its first bath,” one said. “I don’t see a drop of human blood in that water.”

Another wrote: “This is insane how is that cat not flipping out? So cute.”

“Buoyant bum kitty,” a third said. “I can’t believe how calm.”

Others compared the incredibly relaxed cat to their own pets in the comments section.

One said: “Aww that’s so cute! My cats utterly hate water and will avoid it at all costs.”

And another pet owner shared a similar story, saying: “My cat’s quick to jump in the sink and drink from the dripping tap but the second a drop of unwanted water touches him he becomes feral.”

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