Top cop breaks silence on mystery of MI6 spy whose naked body was found in bag

The police chief who led the investigation into the death of MI6 spy Gareth Williams has broken his silence after almost 11 years on why he thinks he was killed.

Hamish Campbell, who is now a retired former detective chief superintendent, decided to speak out as he believes it is time for a new review of the eerie case.

The case went viral and was covered globally after 31-year-old Gareth's naked body was found inside a North Face holdall on August 23, 2010. The baghad the zips padlocked on the outside and the key inside with his corpse.

Despite the strange mystery, in 2013 the Metropolitan Police concluded that his bizarre death was "probably an accident".

However his family suspect he was murdered and a coroner at the time said he believed Gareth had been unlawfully killed.

In new revelations into the case, Mr Campbell has said that there were two pieces of DNA belonging to two different people found which had never been identified.

Mr Campbell also says he believes Gareth was killed because of his private life and not so much for being a GCHQ codebreaker for M16 as he was into bondage, claims the former officer.

The spy was once found tied to the bed in Cheltenham and there was evidence of visits to bondage and fetish websites, and images of drag queens.

Police also found web searches relating to models who were hogtied, a bondage position often performed naked.

He told Sunday Times that forensic material which was found at the secret service flat in Pimlico, central London, and is now held in storage could provide a breakthrough for the 11-year-old case.

It is also believed the spy was involved in sexual activity before his death as a semen stain was found on the bathroom floor.

Gareth is believed to have died on August 16, 2010.

Mr Campbell told the publication: "I felt it was improbable his body fluid could be present in a violent, non-consenting scenario.

"Considering Gareth's tidiness and cleanliness, we surmised the semen was from the day of his entry into the bag.

"But was he alone or not? It would be difficult to imagine him having intimacy with a Russian hitman or a female spy."

Investigators found DNA fragments belonging to two people on the padlock and the holdall's handle, but neither person has been identified, it was reported.

An unknown person's DNA was also found on a green towel in the flat.

There are now calls for that DNA to be tested again, especially Gareth's family who have fought for his justice ever since.

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