Topless XR protester might be lesbian after split with supportive boyfriend

Extinction Rebellion's own OnlyFans star has broken up with her boyfriend – telling followers she 'might be a lesbian' in her latest bombshell statement online.

Laura Amherst had previously labelled herself a 'bicon' (bisexual icon) as she took to her story embarking on the search for a girlfriend to enter a polyamorous relationship alongside her relationship with her long-term boyfriend, Leon.

However, the couple appears to have parted ways as the 31-year-old woman makes another revelation about her sexuality.

She wrote on her Instagram story: "I've broken up with my boyfriend. I think I might be a lesbian.

"To my homosexual friends can I get some advice. I'm just so confused right now. Such a weird question but how do you 'know' you are gay?

"I regularly fantasise about women in my dreams and I get way more turned on by women in porn than men, have some serious girl crushes, and have had sex with two girls in the past but just casual/for fun.

"I feel shy around women. I've had so many bad experiences with men and I just don't get turned on by them anymore, I really don't know why. I really need some advice."

The news follows the busty, Brighton-based beauty who previously launched a search for a new love interest by adding a girlfriend to her life with her supportive boyfriend.

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She said: "Learned a new word today – bicons! Bisexual icon.

"FYI ladies – with my boyfriend, I am open to polyamory with other women, just not men.

"And I don't currently have a girlfriend so… just putting that out there."

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The reports came after Laura slammed 'keyboard warriors' as she says her family and friends are right behind her – and her fellow activist boyfriend Leon is urging her on.

Though she said: "He's so supportive, but won't take his top off! He says he'll leave all the to me and he said nobody wants to see him walking around with no shirt on.

"My dad says it's 'bold' but he knows I have always done exactly what I want to and that I have strong views. I can only speak for myself and I just feel we need to get this message out."

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But she is adamant she would protest this way even if they disapproved.

The passionate activist gained attention after she paraded her breasts around London in the XR group’s two-week "Impossible Rebellion" with no interruption from police.

She plans to take her campaign on the road and do a 'boob world tour' for climate change but for now she is raising funds through OnlyFans subscriptions.

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