Town offering £281k and a house for a job that nobody wants to take

A small town remains without a trained GP despite offering a £281,000 salary and a rent-free home three months ago.

Surprisingly, nobody suitable has, as yet, expressed an interest in the Julia Creek-based vacancy in Queensland, Australia.

The attractive package was put together after council officials looked to end a 15-month search to find a qualified practitioner.

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But, even such lucrative terms have not been sufficient to get the role filled.

In the meantime, Julia Creek residents have been booking appointments with temporary doctors, who are flown in two times a week to see patients.

If anybody then has an issue that falls outside of those two days, a two-hour drive must be taken to receive treatment.

Janene Fegan, the Deputy Mayor of McKinlay Shire Council and also a trained nurse, told NCA NewsWire: "If you had a sick child in the middle of the night, they might have to send you on. And some things aren’t quite serious enough to need an ambulance, but serious enough that you want care quickly."

The council have had two candidates apply for the position but both wanted a similar fly-in, fly out arrangement to the one in place now and Fegan reckons it is high time the community got the permanent, hands-on GP they deserve.

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Local media have reported that many newly-qualified doctors shy away from jobs in rural regions as, if they are in a relationship, they feel it would be a struggle for their partners to find employment.

In response, some districts are shelling out wages that are three times above the norm for a qualified GP and Fegan has also made it her commitment to organise a job for the right candidate's other half.

"We would definitely make all our effort to find something suitable," she added. "And also, with the internet, you don’t need to work in the city anymore."


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