Turkish clinics use OnlyFans influencers to lure women into deadly butt lifts

Cosmetic surgery clinics in Turkey have recruited OnlyFans stars and Instagram influencers in the UK in a bid to sell budget butt-lifts and boob jobs.

The cosmetic surgery packages – often priced to include flights and hotel stays – are tempting thousands of Brits, but critics say that poor quality work and non-existent after care can leave the NHS picking up the pieces when operations go wrong.

At least 24 Brits have died as a result of so-called “medical tourism” to Turkey since January 2019, according to figures from the Government's Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office.

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Despite that, every year tens of thousands of Brits – many of them women in their 20s and 30s, fly out to Turkey for boob jobs, bum lifts and tummy tucks

British OnlyFans model Phoebe Bartlett is just one of dozens of influencers signed up by a Turkish cosmetic surgery clinic, reports the Daily Mail.

She offered her 20,000 Instagram followers a £100 discount code for Botox procedures with Istanbul-based surgeons ClinicHub, alongside photos showing off her pneumatic curves.

Phoebe underwent a £2,500 bum-lift with ClinicHub earlier this year, with surgeons removing twelve pints of fat from her body and re-inserting in into her buttocks.

That’s over twice the amount of a fat any UK surgeon would inject into a patient.

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The famed “Brazilian Butt Lift” is what surgeons call a "blind" procedure. It’s all too easy to damage vital blood vessels or even send fat directly into the bloodstream, where it can travel into the heart or lungs to cause deadly embolisms

M. Mark Mofid, MD, associate clinical professor of plastic surgery at the University of California San Diego, described the butt-lift as “one of the most dangerous operations in the world, and certainly the most dangerous aesthetic procedure ever performed."

But satisfied customer Phoebe urged her fans to consider it, writing: “If anyone is thinking of getting surgery of any sort I HIGHLY recommend Clinichub! 10/10 service and care and I am obsessed with my results!”.

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Phoebe’s by no means the only adult performer or Instagram influencer recruited by Turkish clinics.

OnlyFans star Ivy Red, who creates Manchester United-themed content on the adult platform, recently promoted Istanbul-based clinic Elite Cosmetic Surgery in a video prising their butt-lift technique.

Another Brit adult star, Sophia Petrou, showed off her £3,000 butt-lift to her 60,000 Instagram followers last year, praising the surgeons at Badge Clinic for creating her new bum.

Dawn Knight, a campaigner seeking to raise awareness of the dangers of “cowboy” plastic surgeons, said the load that the Turkish clinics are putting on the NHS is unacceptable: “We can't continue in this way with a struggling NHS, no money to pay doctors and nurses what they deserve yet our NHS picks up the bill for botched surgery abroad,” she said.

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